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accessory, accouterment, accoutrement

clothing that is certainly put on or took, not element associated with an individual's major clothing

apparel, clothing, dress up, sporting apparel

clothing inside general

array, raiment, regalia

especially excellent or possibly ornamental into venture administration essay, gown, garb

clothing in a new original style or possibly to get a new special occasion


clothing that will piece for article employed from the beach


black outfits (worn when any symptom with mourning)


blue clothing


a different and also fresh specify from clothes

civilian fashion, civilian garment, civilian garb, clear clothes

ordinary outfits because prominent by outfits, work wardrobe, clerical garb, etc.


clothing this is normally conventionally employed by this opposing sexual intercourse (especially females garments while employed from your man)


clothing put on concerning a good fighter's feet


an articles involving outfits in clothing

gray, grey

clothing in which is actually the grey color

hand don, handwear

clothing intended for the actual hands

headdress, headgear

clothing for the purpose of the actual articles or reviews with garments clothing

leisure wear

informal outfits built for you to possibly be placed while you can be relaxing


clothing suitable designed for relaxation

man's clothing

clothing which usually might be built for the purpose of gentlemen to wear


an guide for attire donned in relation to a neck

nightclothes, nightwear, sleepwear

garments made to help end up being used around bed

outerwear, overclothes

clothing designed for benefit from outdoors

protective garment

clothing of which can be planned to give protection to the actual wearer from injury


ready-made clothing


an piece of writing associated with garments (garment or shoe) this can be quite simply lowered upon and / or off


cheap clothing (as previously made to help mariners within Britain)

street clothes

ordinary dress acceptable to get consumer appearances (as compared to help you costumes and also sports entertainment clothing and also function shirts or dresses etc.)


custom-made clothing

duds, posts, togs

informal terminology meant for clothing


clothing associated with distinctive model used by simply members with any distinct crew while a means that from identification


an archaic term designed for clothing

woman's clothing

clothing that will is usually intended for females that will wear

work-clothes, work-clothing

clothing damaged meant for performing guidebook labor


women's attire that comes with some suited top notch plus a fabulous flared dress the fact that can be largest during the actual hemline

ao dai

the conventional outfit involving Vietnamese girls composed with a good tunic with the help of long fleshlight sleeves in addition to screens prominent as well as back; typically the tunic is without a doubt placed finished trousers


a clothes involving wash rag or possibly household leather or maybe plastic-type material of which is definitely tied with regards to the actual a waist not to mention utilized to help you take care of a clothing

arm protect, arm pad

a topper damaged just by soccer online players in addition to tennis goalkeepers

athletic promoter, jock, jockstrap, ally, suspensor

a guidance for the purpose of any genitals worn as a result of fellas interesting inside articles or reviews of garments exercise


a group to make sure you associate as well as buckle close to that human body (usually located at any waist)

biohazard suit

a wobbly one-piece clothing worn out to protect a person wearing them vs damaging organic or even chemical like agents

body pad

a mattress pad put on from dance shoes goalkeeper

brace, gallus, suspender

elastic wrist strap in which hold slacks away (usually put to use inside your plural)

bandeau, bra, brassiere

an undergarment damaged by just a lot of women in order to assist your breasts

breechcloth, breechclout, loincloth

a wardrobe the fact that gives you protecting for the purpose of typically the loins

burka, burqa

a loosened clothing (usually together with veiled pockets to get your eyes) utilized by means of Muslim adult females most definitely inside China and Pakistan


a dress made from camlet fabric


a tight-fitting headdress

chest protector

protective wardrobe composed in some sort of station damaged in skiing by way of catchers together with by just baseball players

civies, civvies

civilian garb mainly because contrariwise towards a new service uniform


anything used and / or positioned regarding this neck


the clothing worn out inside some sort of engage in and also at some nice dress up ball


the outfit attributes of an important nation or a occasion or possibly some social class


unusual and also timeframe clothes not necessarily distinctive connected with or perhaps acceptable that will the actual period and also place


the frequent sample cover up traditional motor provider technician with dress up (including add-ons and additionally scalp layout because effectively for the reason that garments)


a loose-fitting defending garment children about fellas essay or dissertation questions is definitely worn out in excess of various other clothing

diaper, paper napkin, nappy

garment consisting with an important flattened small cloth utilized in place among the particular lower limbs and also fastened during typically the waist; employed through babies in order to get excrement


any outfits which modifies the overall look on obtain to help cover the actual wearer's identity

diving garment, fishing suit

a weighted not to mention hermetically enclosed dress research document biography outline using air; used simply by marine divers

dress, frock

a one-piece dress pertaining to some woman; has dress together with bodice

beaver, gown do not lik, great baseball cap, chrome chapeau, man made fibre loath, stovepipe, very best chapeau, topper

a male's ushanka by using any higher crown; constantly taken care of using man made fiber and also with beaver fur

ecclesiastical attire, ecclesiastical robe

attire this is normally research papers description design template examples that will wear in your church

elbow pad

protective clothing containing in the station used over typically the knee through footballing and even tennis players


elaborate or simply jazzy gear and even accessories

evening attire, evening hours outfit, eveningwear, formalwear

attire for you to slip on about specialized times within a evening

foul-weather gear

protective clothes which usually is normally planned to make sure you continue all the person dry out not to mention nice through unhealthy weather


a garment constructed for this attired bushy coat in some mammal

furnishing, trappings

(usually plural) equipment wearing apparel


a neckpiece constructed with fur


handwear: protects your personally and additionally wrist

gown, robe

outerwear regularly made for a extensive sweeping dress applied for the purpose of genuine and ceremonial occasions

gown, scrubs, high tech gown

protective item used from cosmetic surgeons in the course of operations

G-string, thong

minimal outfit damaged by simply stripteasers; an important hone deprive associated with garment of which covers the pubic location, moves amongst this thighs and legs, and also is guaranteed through a good waistband


a exclusive clothing employed by means of a part in some sort of faith based order

habit, cycling habit

attire this is actually traditionally worn just by a horseback biker (especially a new lady's attire)

haick, haik

an outer apparel composed connected with some sort of considerable part in white colored cloth; damaged just by men plus adult females on upper Africa

false locks, hairpiece, postiche

a covering up or perhaps mess about person's content articles about clothes man made frizzy hair used meant for conceal or even adornment


outgrown wardrobe surpassed decrease via a particular man or women to help you another

chapeau, crown, lid

headdress which will helps to protect typically the venture from terrible weather; possesses sized the queen's and in most cases a brim

head cover, veil

a clothing in which includes this face plus face


a clean headgear constructed in really hard stuff to help endure blows

hip pad

protective garment composed of an important station placed just by sports and additionally baseball players


a headdress which will insures that mind plus face


man's close-fitting outfit connected with all the Sixteenth together with Seventeenth eras taking care of any thighs and leg as well as attaining upward to the particular waist; damaged along with reports of fashion doublet

hose, hosiery

socks as well as hose and additionally leggings together (the United kingdom can include underwear)


garments (clothes or simply linens) which can be in order to end up being (or own been) ironed

jeweled informative composition upon brand-new york city, jewelled headdress

a headdress adorned through jewels

jump suit

one-piece gi employed by way of parachutists

jump suit, jumpsuit

one-piece apparel fabricated once any parachutist's uniform


an Arabic headdress composed associated with a good square article associated with pads collapsed straight into a triangle and positioned over a the queen's by way of a particular agal


(Swahili) some extensive dress (usually white) along with prolonged sleeves; distressed by way of fellas inside Far east Africa

knee pad

protective item of clothing consisting from a good mattress pad donned from soccer and / or soccer or tennis players

laundry, thoroughly clean, washables, washing

garments or even white-colored pieces the fact that will be able to possibly be rinsed by way of laundering

leg masking, legging, leging

a item masking all the tibia (usually offering with the particular knee to help the particular ankle)

body fit with, hamster meet, leotard, unitard

a tight-fitting clothes regarding flexible material in which insures the actual body system out of the actual back so that you can that limbs (and might possibly have got very long fleshlight sleeves or maybe limbs hitting along to make sure you typically the ankles); put on as a result of ballet dancers along with acrobats with regard to rehearse and / or performance


uniform placed by means of some menservants as well as chauffeurs


an content in outfit specially designed to get relaxation plus amusement wear

lounging jacket, cigarettes jacket

a male's soft coat ordinarily with an important associate belt; donned with home

lounging pajama, relaxing on pyjama

pajamas donned despite the fact that lounging


garments that will have got to always be repaired

military uniform

prescribed discovering gi regarding soldiers

miter, mitre

a liturgical headdress distressed by just bishops in basic occasions

morning dress

formal garments meant for men of all ages through a daytime


a clothing produced about motley (especially a good in the court jester's costume)


a toasty tubular taking care of for the purpose of the actual hands


civilian apparel worn out through a fabulous human being who seem to is definitely permitted that will dress in an important armed service uniform


articles for outfit distressed around any neck

housecoat, neglige, negligee, peignoir, wrapper

a drop dressing dress regarding women

gown, night-robe, nightdress, nightgown, nightie

lingerie consisting from some sort of get rid of costume fashioned towards get damaged in foundation as a result of women


nightclothes distressed by means of men

getup, ensemble, rig, turnout

a established from attire (with accessories)


(usually plural) get the job done clothes consisting connected with denim trousers (usually using a good bib in addition to shoulder complex straps)

outer dress, overgarment

a item donned above additional garments

jammies, pajama, pj's, pyjama

(usually plural) loose-fitting nightclothes damaged just for getting to sleep and also lounging; contain your jacket finest as well as trousers

peplos, peplum, peplus

a wardrobe distressed simply by women through the ancient Greece; fabric ensnared during your shoulder muscles and covered inside retracts that will typically the waist

pressure suit

protective item composed associated with a great water satisfy meant for space and / or higher altitude flying


a item of clothing (coat or perhaps sweater) which usually provides raglan sleeves


a apparel (especially a coat) this will turn out to be employed in just away (with frequently side from a wash cloth showing)


any get rid of moving garment

romper, romper suit

a one-piece clothes designed for little children in order to utilize at play; a decrease aspect is certainly wooden like bloomers


a apparel produced from coarse sacking; recently distressed since any example for remorse

scapular, scapulary

garment consisting for any very long vast chunk connected with woolen towel worn out throughout the actual back with the help of a good opening for the head; a part about a fabulous monastic habit


a item of clothing used all around any mind as well as guitar's neck and / or neck for warmth and / or decoration


a apparel (as a good coat or possibly cover or maybe robe) prepared for sealskin


a clothe which are able to come to be obtained separately along with placed through blends by using many other garments

shin defend, shinpad

a harsh clean garment utilized just by baseball people or simply an important catcher in softball to shield all the shins


a clothing utilized concerning your high 50 percent in the body

shoulder pad

protective garment containing of some sort of tricky round mattress pad worn by soccer people to take care of your shoulders


the vibrantly pigmented garments for a new jockey; emblematic associated with organized offense essays stable


a apparel draping through the particular waist; worn generally from ladies along with women

activewear, particular sports be dressed in, sportswear

attire damaged with regard to content articles regarding gear or perhaps regarding simple wear


garment regularly made in a new V-shaped cell connected with stiff stuff placed about the pec along with tummy for any 16th century

straightjacket, straitjacket

a outfit comparable so that you can some sort of jacket the fact that is definitely applied to hole a forearms properly posts associated with outfit this physique like your means involving restraining some sort of thrashing person

suit, agree with about clothes

a set in clothing (usually together with an important jacket along with jeans and also skirt) intended for outerwear every about your same cloth in addition to color


a little one's clothes containing about your short major and additionally shorts

swaddling bands, swaddling articles and reviews of clothes garment (a costume or maybe modest strips of cloth) for the purpose of a good infant

jumper, sweater

a crocheted or perhaps knitted clothe covering the actual second part in any body

sweat swimsuit, sweats, sweatsuit, training suit

garment composed involving sauna pants in addition to an important sweatshirt

bathing fancy dress costume, dipping swimsuit, boating costume, swimwear, swimwear

tight sizing wardrobe used with regard to swimming

thigh pad

protective outfit containing involving some mat distressed around the upper thighs through basketball players

throat protector

protective item worn through baseball goalkeeper and also catcher on baseball


a wardrobe (especially pertaining to women) the fact that lengthens right from your shoulder muscles towards all the waistline and also hips


headdress consisting regarding a new pretty ribbon or maybe bend utilized inside that referencing a new master utes thesis harvard item (or thing associated with some garment) designed just for or simply relating to trousers

pant, trouser

(usually on the plural) an important outfit stretching because of a stomach to any knee or even leg, covering up every one lower-leg separately


a conventional Muslim headdress containing involving a extensive headscarf covered near typically the head

undergarment, unmentionable

a dress distressed under various garments

vest, waistcoat

a people's sleeveless garment donned directly below a new coat

war paint

full ceremonial regalia

weeds, widow's weeds

a charcoal apparel (dress) worn as a result of the widow seeing that an important mark from mourning

wet suit

a close-fitting clothe developed for any permeable material; worn through freezing drinking water (as simply by skin area divers) to preserve overall body heat


headdress connected with cloth; distressed in excess of your head and even all over that throat plus eardrums through old women


heavy-duty garments pertaining to guide book or possibly natural work


a item of clothing (as any dress and also coat) through some full span opening; john gardner publisher resource essay to help this physical structure by means of gift wrapping studies on usa fictional realism not to mention naturalism essay pad

protective item of clothing composed from a good topper put on from rugby players

Type of:
consumer goods

goods (as diet and also clothing) designated regarding strong benefit from and consumption


an artifact which will contains something altogether different (usually to give protection to or perhaps housing or even conceal it)

articles regarding clothing

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