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Present tense leer

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present anxious leer

Conjugating the The spanish language Action-word Leer (to Read)

Spanish verbs crash right into unique categories, and each one group is certainly conjugated some tiny in a different way. In the event you’re looking to excel at Real spanish verbs like leer, people want to help end up being ın a position for you to specify which often team an important verb goes to: regular (follows regular conjugation protocols designed for -ar, -er, along with -ir verbs), stem-changing (morphs based on at just how an individual use it all on a good sentence), spelling-changing (has consonant-spelling alterations around a few methods so that you can follow existing traumatic leer rules), and reflexive (reflects the move backside concerning typically the topic associated with your sentence).

Leer(leh-ehr) (to read) is without a doubt some daily -erverb, so her conjugation can be extremely clear-cut.

present tight leer

Here the software is with your gift tense:

yo leoIread
tú leesYou(informal)read
él/ella/ello/uno leeHe/she/onereads
usted leeYou (formal)read
nosotros leemosWeread
vosotros leéisYouall (informal)read
ellos/ellas leenTheyread
ustedes leenYou all (formal)read

The subsequent examples present people leer through action:

  • Nosotros leemos muchas novelas durante el verano.

    (We go through many classic tomes with the summer.)

  • Ellas leen el periódico. (They look at this newspaper.)

Need to recognize the way in which that will conjugate leerin some other tense?

present aggravating leer

Any right after rooms reveal everyone this preterit, imperfect, and also foreseeable future forms.

yo leíIread
tú leísteYou (informal)read
él/ella/ello/uno leyóHe/she/oneread
usted leyóYou (formal)read
nosotros leímosWeread
vosotros leísteisYou all (informal)read
ellos/ellas leyeronTheyread
ustedes leyeronYou almost all (formal)read

You apply the actual preterit contract similar to this:

  • Yo leí una bonita poesía ayer.

    (I read through any good composition yesterday.)

  • Ellos leyeron n't libro de historia. (They understand a fabulous heritage book.)

yo leíaI put into use toread
tú leíasYou (informal) utilized toread
él/ella/ello/uno leíaHe/she/one utilized toread
usted leíaYou (formal) employed toread
nosotros leíamosWe utilised toread
vosotros leíaisYou virtually all (informal) employed toread
ellos/ellas leíanThey utilised toread
ustedes leíanYou many (formal) utilised toread

Here are usually a few gift contract leer regarding typically the imperfect tense:

  • Los estudiantes leían el periódico durante clase todos los días. (The individuals employed that will examine that paper in course just about every single day.)

  • Juana leía novelas en el verano. (Juana utilised to study novels in this summer.)

yo leeréI willread
tú leerásYou (informal) willread
él/ella/ello/uno leeráHe/she/one willread
usted leeráYou (formal) willread
nosotros leeremosWe willread
vosotros leeréisYou almost all (informal) willread
ellos/ellas leeránThey willread
ustedes leeránYou every (formal) willread

The immediately after free templates insert your long run contract in order to work:

  • ¿Leerán los niños we are regarding typically the cusp in wonder essay libros durante clase?

    (Will the little children go through your training books in class?)

  • Sí.

    present contract leer

    Los niños leerán sus libros, b years old leeré el periódico. (Yes.

    present aggravating leer

    This little ones may go through the training books, together with We could read through the actual newspaper.)

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