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Css forum essay paper 2014

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KPPSC Resolved One Documents MCQs Exams Notes

Khyber Pakhtunkhaw Public Support Payment KPK PSC Fixed MCQs Paperwork with regard to Tests Reports Preparation



Khyber Pakhtunkhaw General public System Compensation KPK PSC Solved MCQs Records pertaining to Assessments Checks Preparation

Dalasi is certainly the foreign currency of?

a   france     b   usa    c   gambia      d    chad


2. which usually just one is papulation day?

 11 july    b   12 july   c   13 july    d   18 july


3. this to begin with secertery genral connected with UNO is?

a   Thant    b   Trygre are lying    c   Kurat weldone   deb Sandome lee



in which land has greatest army?

a    usa      b   china     c   france    d   brazil



CSS Previous Written documents 2014 Essay

Mycology is definitely the actual understand regarding ?

a  Birds    b   Animals    c   Fungus    d   Bactaria


5. MENA is certainly this press organisation of?

a   Egyptb  France   C  Iran    d   Netherland



css discussion board article pieces of paper 2014

Pakistan shares a fabulous border through China?

a   805  km   b  585 km   c   625 km   d  505 km


7. Warsak dam is actually centrally located in?

a Punjab     b   Nwfp    t Sindh   d  Baluchistan



Our blood consists of % water?

a   80 %  b   90%  c   60%   ve had 70%


9. the moment Hunza had become some sort of piece about Pakistan?

a   1970    b   1971    c   1974    d   1976


10. Lahore to be able to Islamabad moterway is?

a   330 km   best innovations at any time essay scholarships  335  km   c   345  km   d   365  km



reveal a phone number pakistan area sensible with your world?

a  33th    b   34th    c    35th    d    36th


12. a powerful productive crew lamppost is without a doubt uncovered in?

a   india    b   bangladesh  c   iran   d   brazil



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all the planets most herbal tea importing nation is?

a  chaina   w russia  m brazil    d   siri lanka


14. pakistan accepted men and women republic involving the far east in?

1949    b   1950    c    1951    d   1952


15. precisely what is definitely your synonym of Granish?

a    to be able to harvest    b   become addict c    select   d  pressure



everything that is usually antonym regarding allure?

a   repulse     b    develop     c    entice      d     decoy


17. whatever is definitely all the antonym about zest?

a   restive      b    callous     c     indifference     d     distaste   



css forums essay papers 2014

decided on typically the suitable spellings?

a    apilogue      b    apilog      c     apilogui      d    apelogue


19. Subhay zindgi kis ki tasneef hay?

  rashad ul khairi    b   sar said   c    hakeem muhammd ali   d   mulana hali



css discussion board essay or dissertation paper 2014

allam iqbal ki shairi ka majmoa Zaboray ajam kis san key shaiya hoa?

a    1926      b    1927     c    1928      d    1929


21. mirza galib kab paida hoeay?

a    1798    b    1805     c    1797    d    1799



css website essay or dissertation conventional paper 2014

Musadas k har wedding band primary kitnay misray hotay hain?

a   4     b    6     c    8    d   9


23. allama iqbal nay qaiday azam ko jo khat likhay n't ki tadad kia hay?

a      10       b    15      c    20     d    25



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mashhoor daram shakantla kis nay likha?

a   kali daas     b   parem chan    c   jahan aara begum    d    raam gopal



25. Hazrat Jibraeel ka zikar Quraan pak main kitni baar aaya hay?

a       4      b    5      c    6    d     7


26. Umal kitab kis sorah ko kehtay hain?

a    sorah Fateha     b   sorah   Yaseen    c  sorah  Rehman    d    sorah Ikhlas



1/4 quraan kis surah ko kaha jata hay?

a    Al kafiroon      b    Al zalzalal   c    Al Ikhlas     d   Al  Naas



css discussion board essay or dissertation paper 2014

Chand p Only two tukray karnay ka waqia kab paish aya?

a     A couple of nabvi    b    3 nabvi    c    Several nabvi   d    5 nabvi


29. Islam k pehlay parcham ka rang kia tha?

a    Black     b    White    c    Yellow    d   Blue


30. Aap (PBUH) ka continue Gazwa kon sa tha?

 tabook     b   khandaq     c   ahzab     d   moota

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