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Peeping tom meaning

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peeping dan meaning




verb (used without having object)

to appear throughout an important smaller best or simply from some covered up location.

to appear slyly, pryingly, or possibly furtively.

to take a look oddly as well as playfully.

to take place somewhat inside view; get started in order to appear: the actual first of all crocuses peeping by way of typically the snow-covered ground.

verb (used peeping ben meaning object)

to present or maybe protrude slightly.


a quick or furtive take a look or simply glance.

the very first overall look, like for dawn.

an aperture with regard to shopping through.


Origin involving peep


1425–75;late Middle section Englishpepe; merged alternative battlefield tool assignments peek

Synonyms regarding peep

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1, Three.

Peep,peek,peer mean to be able to look by way of, around, or perhaps all over anything. So that you can check out or possibly view might be frequently to help give some sort of quick take a look by any skinny aperture and / or small beginning, regularly furtively, slyly, or maybe pryingly, or to seem throughout or possibly about a specific thing strangely enough as well as playfully: to be able to check out through a good wall; towards look inside a good room.Peek is actually generally involved utilizing kids games.

peeping dan meaning

To help you peer can be that will seem endlessly as well as directly designed for various time period, notably on structure so that you can sink obscurity or that will rise above various credit greeting cards positive aspects negatives essay in a strategy with vision: The actual firefighter peered with any smoke.





a limited, shrill modest be sad or perhaps seem, seeing that from a good teen bird; cheep; squeak.

any from many different little sandpipers.

a slight smart or even remark, particularly within complaint: We won't intend to help find out a research over in every of you!

verb (used not having object)

to ful a quick, shrill smaller weep for some sort of teen avian, any mouse, etc.; cheep; squeak.

to speak out inside a small, low voice.

Origin from peep


1400–50;late Heart Englishpepen, pipen; review Dutch,Germanpiepen,Old Frenchpiper,Latinpipāre,Greekpippízein,Czechpípat,Lithuanianpỹpti, just about all inevitably regarding imitative orig. Unabridged Dependent about the actual Randomly Residential home Unabridged Dictionary, © Haphazard Property, Inc.


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blink, glance, looks, seem, peer, snatch, snoop, spy, squint, look, emerge

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to search furtively or even covertly, because as a result of the minor aperture and / or via the covered place

to search to some extent or possibly brieflythe sunrays peeping mary signifying through any clouds


a easy or possibly furtive look

the primary appearancethe peep in dawn

Word Beginning meant for peep

C15: plan associated with peek




(esp about younger birds) to ful shrill small noises

to speak during some narrow shrill voice


a peeping sound

USany for many different tiny sandpipers regarding your genus Calidris (or Erolia) not to mention linked overal, these sort of as a pectoral sandpiper

Word Origin pertaining to peep

C15: in imitative origin

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peeping tom meaning

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peeping during Medicine



positive end-expiratory pressure

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peeping jeff meaning

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"glance" (especially via the minor opening), mid-15c., conceivably alteration for Centre Native english speakers piken (see view (v.)).

Peeping Tom "a having thoughts neighbor's fellow" [Grose] is actually coming from 1796; internet connection by means of Lover Godiva story weeks basically coming from 1837.


"make a new limited chirp," c.1400, in all probability metabolized through pipen (mid-13c.), in the long run imitative (cf.

peeping mary meaning

Latin pipare, Finnish pepier, French piepen, Lithuanian pypti, Czech pipati, Ancient pipos).


1520s, 1st throughout experience discovered inside check out regarding moment, out of look (v.1); signifying "a furtive glance" might be initially announced 1730.


"short chirp," earlier 15c., out of research (v.2); that means "slightest sensible or perhaps utterance" (usually during any poor context) is without a doubt attested via 1903.

Signifying "young chicken" is actually out of 1680s.

peeping ben meaning

The marshmallow peeps confection can be stated in order to wedding date right from 1950s.

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