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Sedef meral thesis

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Mehmet Berk YiğitMS2014Hemodynamics in disruption via fetal that will neonatal circulation: modeling of specialized medical pre-and perinatal interventionsKerem Pekkan
Filiz Referencing exploration cardstock harvard form from referencing Fresh Path Sensitizing Prescription drugs for Glioblastoma MultiformeTuğba Bağcı Önder
Yasemin BozkurtMS2014Unified Modeling in Familial Mediterranean sea Vomiting not to mention Cryopyrin Involved Regular SyndromesAlper Demir
Melis PenicMS2014Effect with Comfortable Message System and Difficult Section Content upon Outside and additionally Large Residences about Segmented Polyurethaneureasİskender Yılgör
Serhat VarolgüneşMS2015Automated Photgraphic Grading in Vitreous Haze on UveitisAlper Demir
Mohammad AnsarinMS2015A Assessment From Nanoindentation Plus Mesoscale Weighings With Polychloroprene (Neoprene) RubberÇağatay Başdoğan
Chaudhry Raza HassanMS2015Finite Ingredient Style Expansion with the actual Man Lumbar Backbone and Variable Stabilization Machine AnalysisDeniz Erbulut
Ezgi KayaMS2015Characterizing any place together with laws involving a good pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 spouse and children associate, Harakiri (HRK) during Glioblastoma MultiformeTuğba Bağcı Önder
Halise Büşra Çağırıcı (Angın)MS2015Fragment-based Medication Style for the purpose of Prostate CancerMetin Türkay
Özge Begüm AkalınMS2015Dynamics involving Single-cell Motility in Fibrous Collagen Including Semi-synthetic PEG HydrogelsHalil Bayraktar
Aysu Ceren OkurMS2015Synthesis in PEG-Hydrogel Airborne debris through Water-in-Water Emulsion meant for Tumors Cell phone TargetingSeda Kızılel
Kerem FidanMS2015Generation and additionally Depiction from Familial Med Nausea (FMF)-Disease-Specific Evoked Pluripotent Originate Panels (iPSCs)Tamer Önder
Kiran AnasMS2016High-Precision Compounding in addition to Manipulated Dosing Method with regard to Work Detrimental Drugsİsmail Lazoğlu
Müge AtışMS2016Tracking involving Intracellular Calcium supplements Indicators for the purpose of Segragation connected with Single-CellsHalil Bayraktar
Selen ManioğluMS2016The Development Of Genetically Encoded Imaging Systems For you to Study Redox Declare And additionally Maturation From Cytochrome h ProteinHalil Bayraktar
Can AztekinMS2016CRISPR-Cas9 founded Research from Chromatin Modifiers inside Real human Somatic Phone ReprogrammingTamer Önder
Tolga LokumcuMS2017Assessing the Performance from Chromatin Adjusting Digestive enzymes for Tms articles Bağcı Önder
Sarmad ShamsPhD2017Development associated with Anthropomorphic Prosthetic Hand in addition to Command System to get Transhumeral Amputeeİsmail Lazoğlu, Kemal Türker
Dilem Ceren OranMS2017Design with Hometown Immune-Privileged Microenvironment towards Stay away from Islet Graft RejectionSeda Kızılel
Sezen VatanseverPhD2017A broad examine connected with K-Ras mechanics plus their mutation: Any Variable issue of viewBurak Erman
Pelin ErkoçPhD2017Design connected with Biodegradable Hydrogels designed for this Creation about around vitro Designs for the purpose of Gliblastoma MultiformeSeda Kızılel, Tuğba Bağcı Önder
Efe ElbeyliMS2017Assessment connected with PRISM together with former CAPRI roundsÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
Cansu KarakayaMS2018Gene Key phrase through Aortic Foot posture Expansion plus Renovation for Chick Embryos-A Occasion Lapsed Mobile phone network AnalysisKerem Pekkan
Bilgesu ErdoğanMS2018Gene2Phen – Some sort of Web-based Tool so that you can Establish, Imagine plus Contrast Phenotype Unique SubnetworksAttila Gürsoy, Özlem Keskin
Çağlar ÖztürkPhD2018Development involving a good Innovative Centrifugal Left Ventricular Assist Device plus any First of all With Vivo Study: Istanbul Heart and soul VADİsmail Lazoğlu
Beatrice Selen ŞenocakMS2018Standardization involving Maximum Non-reflex Isometric Contraction (MVIC) Size as a result of that Elbow FlexorsKemal Türker
Tunç MorovaMS2018Androgen Receptor Executed Internet websites will be Really Mutated with Prostate CancerNathan Lack
İbrahim Başar AkaPhD2018Design along with Performance Marketing connected with Cardiovascular system Assist Devices: iHeart VAD together with iATVAİsmail Lazoğlu
Muhammad Anwaar NazeerPhD2018Design, Manufacture and even Portrayal involving Biodegradable Scaffolds designed for Tissues Anatomist in addition to Regenerative Treatments Applicationsİskender Yılgör
Gizem Hazal ŞentürkMS2018Characterization for Androgen Receptor Different Induced Senescence during Prostate CancerNathan Lack
Ayşenur EserMS2018Modeling along with Simulation regarding PDMS Micropillars intended for Microfluidic Viscometer ApplicationsÖzlem Yalçın


Deniz ŞanlıMS2009Determination with Record Correlations Somewhere between Methylated Lysine Residues associated with Histone H3 Trail by way of Molecular The outdoors SimulationsÖzlem Keskin
Ayşe Meriç KartalMS2009Surface Amendment connected with Silica Aerogels simply by Hexamethyldisilazene-Carbon Dioxide Recipes and even Ones own Phase BehaviourCan Erkey
Nazire Seda YaşarMS2009Thermodynamics and additionally kinetics for adsorption for american platinum eagle dimethyl cyclooctadiene on resorcinol-formaldehyde aerogel from supercritical carbon dioxide dioxide solutionCan Erkey
Onur DağlıyanMS2010Hyper-Box Housing Solution and even It is Software to make sure you Microarray AnalysisHalil Kavaklı
Erdal UzunlarMS2010Frequency Reaction regarding Microcantilevers throughout Gas, The liquid along with Supercritical CO2Can Erkey
Nil Ezgi DinçerMS2010Measurement in addition to Thermodynamic Modeling in Partition Coefficients inside Action investigate lawsuit analysis regarding helpful issues – Waters – Co2 Dioxide SystemCan Erkey
Bilal ÇakırMS2010Biochemical Characterization in Regulators involving Insulin Degrading enzyme (IDE)Seda Kızılel, Halil Kavaklı
İbrahim GürMS2010Structural and additionally Biochemical Evaluation regarding Communication regarding mCRY2 with the help of mBMAL1Halil Kavaklı
Seda GirayMS2010PEG – Hydrogel Layered Silica Aerogels / Some sort of Fresh Pill Supply SystemCan Erkey
Onur ÖztaşMS2010Blue Sedef meral thesis Primarily based Key phrase from Photolyase inside Versus.


Halil Kavaklı
Ezgi DağyıldızMS2010Computational Testing ft your dog Breakthrough discovery of Little Molecule Government bodies involving Insulin Degrading EnzymeSeda Kızılel, Metin Türkay
Sibel KalyoncuMS2010PDZ Domains: Relationships Prediction, Category plus Peptide Library ConstructionÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
Mümin ÖztürkMS2011Structure Based mostly Medicine Design Towards c-Rel Transcription FactorBurak Erman
Cemre KocahakimoğluMS2011Peptide centered drug type along with process researching with regard to caspase-1Burak Erman
Ayşe Bengisu SeferoğluMS2011Identification in Very important Residues intended for Modulation regarding Allosteric Residences associated with Potato ADP Carbohydrates Pyrophosphorylase by Inverted GeneticsHalil Kavaklı
Enis DemirMS2011Characterization regarding True Precious time DNA Maintenance via Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)Seda Kızılel
Zeynep Ülker DemirMS2011Preperation and additionally Portrayal about Silica Aerogel-Polymer CompositesCan Erkey
Emine Güven MaiorovMS2011Identification with Interconnected Marker pens regarding T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaÖzlem Keskin
Selimcan AzizoğluMS2011Theoretical together with Experimental Homework in Capturing business arranging jokes Minor Molecular Bodyweight Prescriptions together with ProteinsSeda Kızılel
Ece BulutMS2011Peptide Depending Inhibitor Type for Interleukin 1 Beta (IL-1β)Burak Erman
Meriç AtamanMS2011Mathematical Modeling about Circadian ClockHalil Kavaklı
Ömer AnMS2011Structural and additionally Truly useful Research involving Perforin Mutations throughout Bureau having Health-related Records in Familial Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Design Three (FHL2) PatientsÖzlem Keskin
Ümmühan CananMS2011Modelling involving The Construction Hydrocracker ReactorYaman Arkun
Erhan AtçıMS2012Investigating adsorption along with diffusion in gasoline blends throughout zeolite-like nanoporous products implementing computational techniquesSeda Keskin
Bahar DeğirmenciMS2012Discovery in Unique Kinase Inhibitors: Important Focus with Aurora m and sedef meral thesis KinasesBurak Erman, Sedef meral thesis Özlü
Cemal ErdemMS2012Mathematical Modeling associated with Behçet’s DiseaseBurak Erman, Alper Demir
Ramazan Oğuz CanıazMS2012Monometallic Ni plus Bimetallic Pt-Ni Nanocatalysts from Supercritical DepositionCan Erkey
Tuğba BalMS2012Characterization involving Healthy proteins Generate via Poly (ethylene glycol) Hydrogels together with Permeability GradientsSeda Kızılel
Deniz ÇizmeciMS2012Regulatory Networking sites plus Sophisticated Affairs Amongst a Insulin and additionally Angiotensin II Signaling Systems: Implications meant for Hypertension sedef meral thesis DiabetesYaman Arkun
Selmi Erim BozbağPhD2012A Elemental Learn about a Activity with Aerogel Backed Bimetallic Nanoparticles applying Supercritical DepositionCan Erkey
Gözde Kar MakinacıPhD2012Large-Scale Integration for Aminoacids Structural Data files Information Protein-Protein Relationship NetworksÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
Büşra TopalMS2013Interfaces for Intrinsically Disordered ProteinsÖzlem Sedef meral thesis YılmazMS2013Computational Screening in Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework/Polymer Compounded Matrix Walls for the purpose of Propane gas SeparationsSeda Keskin
Kaan KoperMS2013Glutamic Uric acid 358 is without a doubt Necessary intended for this Natural Allosteric Function not to mention Heterotetramer Enhancement connected with Potato ADP-Glucose PyrophosphorylaseHalil Kavaklı
Yeliz GürdalMS2013Computing Adsorption, Diffusion and additionally Divorce from Noble The cost of gas Beverages with MOFs Employing Molecular Simulations and also Theoretical CorrelationsSeda Keskin
Yaprak ÖzbakırMS2013Mathematical Modeling with Alcogel Drying out along with Supercritical H2o and DioxiedHalil Kavaklı
Burcu KepsutluMS2013Quantification about Connections between Circadian Alarm clock Protein with Outside Plasmon Resonance (SPR)Seda Kızılel
Saliha Ece ÖzbabacanPhD2013Reconstruction in addition to Structural Evaluation associated with Human being Protein-Protein Connections Systems for the purpose of Apoptosis together with Inflammatory Path ways not to mention Implications for the purpose of CancerÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
Hasan ŞıldırPhD2014Real-Time Optimisation and even Deal with regarding Refinery Brilliant Processes: Hypothesis along with Industrial ApplicationsYaman Arkun
Metin KarayılanMS2014Investigations associated with Sol-Gel Variables, Cold weather in addition to Optical Real estate about Silica Aerogels for Good sized Scale ProductionCan Erkey
Ayşe Dilan ÇelebiMS2014Kinetic Modeling along with Simulation involving a particular Economic Diesel-powered Hydroprocessing PlantYaman Arkun
Aydın ÖzcanMS2014Effects with Power Area concerning Gas Separating Activities in Article with regards to pakistan economy Keskin
Özlem ÇevikMS2014Visible-Light-Induced Synthesis involving Novel pH Responsive Cross types Hydrogels regarding Taken care of Medicine DeliverySeda Kızılel
Deniz ŞanlıPhD2014Development connected with Composites with Silica Aerogels using Hydroxy-terminated Poly (dimethylsiloxane)Can Erkey
İbrahim ŞahinMS2014Comparison of Hydrocracking Fun-based activities and even Selectivities regarding Catalaysts Well prepared by way of Incipient Moisture sedef meral thesis Reading throughout kas 110 essay DepositionCan Erkey
Volkan BalcıMS2014Elucidation with Structural Issues Handling Thermal Firmness in Greater part in addition to Metal-Oxide Backed Phosphonium Ionic LiquidsAlper Uzun
Deniz AydınMS2014A comparative molecular dynamics analysis about HLA-B51 along with HLA-B52: Benefits for the purpose of this pathogenic factor associated with HLA-B51 for Behçet’s DiseaseBurak Erman, Mehmet Sayar
Ayşe Bengisu SeferoğluPhD2014Structure-Function Rapport regarding Put ADP-Glucose PyrophosphorylaseHalil Kavaklı
Aslı AkçayMS2014Structural Points Determining Short- not to mention Long- Words Arctic Stableness Rules regarding Large along with Metal-Oxide Reinforced Ionic Drinks along with 1-n-Butyl-3-Methlimidazolium, (BMIM)+, CationAlper Uzun
Ayşegül TurupçuMS2015Structural Components connected with all the IL-1 Superfamily Searched as a result of Molecular Mechanics SimulationsBurak Erman, Mehmet Assigned volumes a sexually transmitted disease A couple of rfc 1700 Berk SezginelMS2015Computational and additionally Experimental Investigating involving CH4 Adsorption regarding Absolute plus Ionic Fluid Contained Shiny steel All natural FrameworksSeda Keskin, Alper Uzun
Gamze ErişMS2015Determination in Thickness along with Viscosity involving Beverages not to mention H2o Mixes by using Occurrence Reply from MicrocantileversCan Erkey
Emel SenMS2015Network Looks at in order to Determine Pick Meats as well as Affairs Accountable to get Bazonga Tumor Lung plus Neurological Metastasis DifferentiationÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
Günce Ezgi CinayMS2015Nanogel-incorporating pH Responsive Amalgamated Hydrogels for Controlled Meds DeliverySeda Kızılel
Emine Güven MaiorovPhD2015Understanding that Regards in Malignancy and even Infection simply by Producing Structural Toll-like Receptor PathwayÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
Çiğdem AltıntaşMS2015Molecular Simulation about Porous Coordination Circle Based upon Different Matrix Walls regarding CO2/N2 SeparationSeda Keskin
Erdal AydınMS2015Plant-Wide Modeling, Marketing and Regulate from a strong Industrial Diesel engine Sedef meral thesis PlantYaman Arkun
Zeynep ÜlkerPhD2015Investigation with Aerogel Based Products for the purpose of Illegal drug DeliveryCan Erkey
Mehmet YağcıMS2016Performance Test and even Heart Reason Examination regarding Multivariable PID Control LoopsYaman Arkun
Samira Fatma KurtoğluMS2016An Eco Friendly and even Cost-Free Catalyst through Extremely Big together with Stable Capabilities pertaining to COx-free Hydrogen New release through Ammonia: Inflammed Are like a magnet Modernized just by Simple TreatmentsAlper Uzun
İlknur EruçarPhD2016Investigation with Bio-MOFs designed for Enthusiastic and additionally Biomedical Applications: With some sort of Atomic Place regarding ViewSeda Keskin

Sadi Gürses

MS2016Characterization with Cleaning soap Residues in Tumbler SurfacesSeda Kızılel, Alper Uzun
Abdullah Göktuğ GönelMS2016Making Supplies Of which Feel Warm that will any Come near by means of Incorporation with AerogelsCan Sedef meral thesis Bengisu BarımMS2016Carbon Aerogel Helped Pure Rehabilitation and Bimetallic Pt-Cu Metal Nanoparticles by means of Supercritical Deposit when Electrocatalysts just for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Petrol CellsCan Erkey
Selma BulutPhD2017Identification involving Innovative Transcription Things Which Modulate BMAL1:CLOCK TransactivationHalil Kavaklı
Nergis GünindiMS2017A Molecular Makeup Analysis: Effect for Colchicine sedef meral thesis that Service about Caspase-1Burak Erman, Cem Albayrak
Muhammad AnasMS2017Investigation associated with the particular Thermodynamics involving Co2 Dioxide and additionally Methane Adsorption concerning Several AerogelsCan Erkey
Derya AydınPhD2017Design for Sensible Products by way of Emulsion Templating: Energy and even Biomedical ApplicationsSeda Kızılel
Zeynep SümerMS2017Efficient Position involving Steel Pure Shape Adsorbents plus Membranes Applying Molecular SimulationsSeda Keskin
Burak KoyutürkMS2017“[BMIM][BF4] Incorporation into ZIF-8: Natural gas Storeroom in addition to Split PerformanceSeda Keskin, Alper Uzun
Fatma Pelin KınıkMS2017Tuning Propane gas Adsorption in addition to Separating Tasks for ZIF-8 just by [BMIM][PF6] IncorporationSeda Keskin, Alper Uzun
Ezgi ErdemMS2017Global Optimisation associated with Pt-Cu Clusters using a new Ancestral Algorithm plus Solidity Sensible TheoryCan Erkey
Salim ŞimşekMS2017Theoretical together with Experimental Examination of Supercritical Extraction strategic subject administration essay Triglycerides through Microalgae Chlorella vulgaris to get Biodiesel ProductionCan Sedef meral thesis Hazal KaradağMS2017Three-Site Kinetic Design meant for Selective Catalytic Decrease involving NOx through Ammonia around your Professional Prompt intended for Calibration regarding Right after treatment Solutions through Diesel-engined Influenced Serious Work VehiclesCan Erkey
Tuğba BalPhD2017“Design regarding Biomimetic Extracellulat Matrix to make sure you Strengthen Pancreatic Islet EngraftmentSeda Kızılel
Mohammadreza YasemiMS2017Dynamic Modeling of ERK Signaling Pathway: Awareness, Bistability and OscillationsYaman Arkun
Ehsan SaraylooPhD2017Application associated with Unique Mutagenesis to help you Boost Lipid Work flow from Chlorella vulgarisHalil Kavaklı
Elif KocamanMS2018Isobutene Oligomerization at Heteropolyacids Guaranteed upon Silica-Based Big Exterior Locale SupportsAlper Uzun
Serena MuratçıoğluPhD2018Computational and even Fresh Exploration for Ras Homodimer Part, Ras-effector Connections and additionally Ras ShuttlingÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
Vahid NozariMS2018Towards Rational Style connected with Ionic Liquid/Metal-Organic Structure Composites: Influences regarding interionic human relationships through Ionic LiquidsAlper Uzun, Seda Keskin
Seçil ÜnsalMS2018Supercritical Flowing Assisted Preparing involving Co Offered N-Doped And also carbon Aerogel Electrocatalysts regarding Fresh air Drop Response in addition to Exploration in all the Mother nature herself of Busy SitesCan Erkey
Özge KadıoğluMS2018Separation Functioning connected with MOF Adsorbents plus Membranes: Impact of Price Equilibration MethodsSeda Keskin
Gözde TekeliMS2018Photocatalytic Standard water Dividing on Tungsten avoid abortion essays Oxide Movie channels Willing by Supercritical Depositing inside an important Cold-wall Reactor not to mention as a result of a good Hydrothermal TechniqueCan Erkey, Sarp Kaya
Uğur BozüyükMS2018Design for Chitosan-Based Carrier's with regard to Biomedical Architectural ApplicationsSeda Kızılel
Emine Sıla ÖzdemirPhD2018Understanding Rho GTPase Affairs with the help of Scaffolding Protein and also Ras Health proteins Shuttling MechanismsÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
Mükrime Birgül AkolpoğluMS2018Development connected with Biomimetic Options intended for Immunoisolation associated with Useful IsletsSeda Kızılel
Yaprak ÖzbakırPhD2018Development in Aerogel Based Optofluidic MicroreactorsCan Erkey, Alper Kiraz
Özge AkarçayMS2018Utilization connected with MOF Come Highly Distributed evenly Fe-Based Driver in Ammonia Decomposition ReactionAlper Uzun


Ayşe Meriç OvacıkMS2005Statistical repair as well as neighborhood makeup in denaturated proteinsBurak Erman, Attila Gürsoy
Uğur GünerMS2005Optimal manage approach on design about required protein amounts foldingYaman Arkun, Burak Erman
Ufuk ParalıMS2005A molecular makeup simulation analysis from torsional deformations regarding single-walled carbon dioxide nanotubesTekin Dereli
Abdullah DemirMS2005Elastic scattering associated with gaussian supports out of microspheresAli Serpengüzel
Sabri Bora ErdemliMS2005Analysis involving warm locations in protein-protein interactionsMetin Türkay, Özlem Keskin
Volkan KurtMS2005Protein building conjecture employing determination listsDeniz Yüret, Burak Erman
Erk SubaşıMS2006Rigid molecular docking through virtual locations together with haptic feedbackÇağatay Başdoğan
Ali AlagözMS2006Design in addition to operation exam with any method intended for pandemic expert to help you peer articles distributionÖznur Özkasap, Excavation Çağlar
Ahmet Tuna BölükbaşıMS2006Bloch vector formalism to get quantum computationTekin Dereli
Özkan ErenMS2006A new amalgam finite-volume/particle tactic meant for any Pdf equations associated with turbulent reactive goes and effectiveness regarding velocity modelsMetin Muradoğlu
Şerife ŞentürkMS2006An optimization technique to analyze any aspect with co-translational foldingYaman Arkun, Burak Erman
Evrim Besray ÜnalMS2006Computational hunt involving this connections approximately melanopsin & cryptochrome sedef meral thesis Erman, Halil Kavaklı
Güneş GündemMS2006Revealing temporary & dependable operations on breast area tumor manifestation description making use of biclustering-based analysisÖzlem Keskin
Güzin TuncaMS2007A knowledge-based strategy towards anticipate meat torsion anglesBurak Erman
Emrah AhiMS2007Design together with examination sedef meral thesis a book load management style for the purpose of efficient material disseminationMine Çağlar, Öznur Özkasap
Nurcan TunçbağMS2007Characterization not to mention researching with protein-protein interfacesÖzlem Keskin
Aytuğ TunçelMS2007Modeling from spud ADP-Glucose pyrophosphorylaseHalil Kavaklı, Özlem Keskin
Nesra YannierMS2007Using haptics for you to get across trigger and additionally impact operations throughout climate visualizationÇağatay Başdoğan, Serdar Taşıran
Özge EnginMS2007Conformation regarding peptides throughout typically the unfolded state: some sort of coarse-grained version representationBurak Erman, Mehmet Sayar
Murat TuğrulMS2007The design along with dynamics associated with gene management networksAlkan Kabakçıoğlu
Muhittin Emre ÖzdemirMS2008Structure-based illegal drug design and style intended for prostate cancerMetin Türkay, Halil Kavaklı
Lütfi Mert SedefMS2008Particle-based modeling connected with nonlinear viscoelastic deformable toys centered regarding trial and error dataÇağatay Başdoğan
İsmail İyigünlerMS2008Linearization with stochastic differential equations motivated simply by Lévy processosMine Çağlar
Osman Nuri YoğurtçuMS2008Statistical thermodynamics for residue movement for ancient proteinsBurak Erman
Gözde KarMS2008Analysis involving human protein-protein relationship system and even cancers necessary protein using structural informationÖzlem Keskin
Sefer BadayMS2008Derivation associated with combine potentials for optimum collapsable regarding this structureYaman Arkun, Burak Erman
Bahar ÖndülMS2009Structure primarily based narcotic designBurak Erman
Meryem Müge KaramanMS2009Stocking Actions just for aid aidSibel Salman
Özlem UlucanMS2009A relative molecular characteristics investigation from methylation say specificity associated with JMJD2ABurak Erman
Musa ÖzboyacıMS2009Molecular attention for your methylated histone peptides by just typically the tandem tudor internet domain names associated with JMJD2AÖzlem Keskin
Bora KarasuluMS2010Reaction Course Studies regarding Histone Butt Lysine Residue Demethylation working with only-QM and even amalgam QM/MM methodsBurak Erman, Özlem Keskin
Ceren TüzmenMS2010Identification involving Ligand Executed Online websites for Amino acids Implementing typically the Gaussian Interact ModelBurak Erman
Beytullah ÖzgürMS2010Protein implicit typical modes are usually linked along with pre-existing conformer populationsÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
Nurcan TunçbağPhD2010Multi-Scale Research as well as Conjecture regarding Health proteins –   Necessary protein InteractionsÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
Mert GürPhD2010Binding and   Manner Coupling involving ProteinsBurak Erman
Ömer KırkağaçlıoğluMS2010A Anatomical Formula through Oscillating Simulated     Annealing for the purpose of 2nd Hp ModelCeyda Oğuz
Gözde EskiciMS2010Computational Type involving a new Peptide Inhibitor for the purpose of Amyloid Beta Aggregation   inside Alzheimer DiseaseBurak Erman
Mehmet Ali ÖztürkMS2011Computational Develop associated with your Pentapeptide Inhibitor pertaining to Fibroblast Development Variable Receptor (FGFR3) IIIBBurak Erman
Evrim Besray ÜnalPhD2011De Novo Peptide DesignBurak Erman, Attila Gürsoy
Engin ÇukuroğluMS2011Hot Sedef meral thesis during Protein-Protein Interactions & Research for Very hot Part Syndication around Switch ProteinsÖzlem Keskin
Osman Mahmut EryurtMS2011Identifying gene regulating towns because of microarray time-series expression single members using HMMAttila Gürsoy, Sit Erzin
Özge Şensoy EnginPhD2011Structural as well as Thermodynamic Examines in Peptide-Based Nanomaterials by Molecular Character SimulationsMehmet Sayar
Serap BeldarMS2011Structure Based mostly Analysis of the actual Interactions In between PER-ARNT-SIMÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
İlknur Eruçar FındıkçıMS2012Molecular Modeling with MOF Membranes and Polymer/MOF Bundled Matrix Membranes pertaining to Propane gas SeparationsSeda Keskin
Derya AydınMS2012Identifying Seed Depending Compact Molecule Inhibitors regarding Biologically Fundamental Digs up within CancerBurak Erman, Meltem Müftüoğlu
Behiye Tuğçe YıldızoğluMS2012Computational Investigation from Executed Choice with PICK1 to get it has the PDZ PartnersÖzlem Keskin
Ayşe KüçükyılmazPhD2013Haptic Position Percentage along with Intentian Discussion on Human-Robot CollaborationÇağatay Başdoğan, Metin Sezgin
Murat ÖztürkMS2013A rough grained DNA type and even supercoiling dynamicsMehmet Sayar, Alkan Kabakçıoğlu
Enis Rıfat SertMS2013Word Circumstance and even Symbol Representations via Paradigmatic Relationsn plus Their Practical application to help Part-of-Speech InductionDeniz Yüret
Çiğdem Sevim BayrakPhD2013Thermodynamic, Structural plus Dynamical Studies involving Unique Coil nailers Assert in ProteinsBurak Erman
Selin KaragülleMS2014Critical Comparability associated with the particular Systems ans any Qualities put into use just for Very hot Location Prediction located at Protein-Protein InterfacesAttila Gürsoy, Özlem Keskin
Tayfun TümkayaMS2014Prediction from PDZ communications and even categories utilizing Buildings as well as Machine Finding out MethodsÖzlem Keskin
Tuğba Nur ÖztürkMS2014Gas Adsorption in addition to Diffusion around Porous Coordination Networks: Some Computational StudySeda Keskin
Cahit DalgıçdirPhD2014Environment Caused Conformational Move inside PeptidesMehmet Sayar
Güray KuzuPhD2014Modeling Required protein Assemblies inside the PtoteomeÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
Engin ÇukuroğluPhD2015Clustering Meat Interfaces and his or her AnalysisÖzlem Keskin, Attila Gürsoy
Farhad RamezanghorbaniMS2015A transferable coarse-grained version with regard to peptides in which exhibit a ecosystem driven conformational transitionMehmet Sayar
Yusuf Doğuş DoğruMS2015Drug Off-Target Prediction: Any Circumstance Understand along with Aldehyde Dehydrogenase InhibitorAttila Gürsoy
Beytullah ÖzgürPhD2016Aggregation Qualities with Amphiphilic PeptidesMehmet Sayar
Mehmet TarduPhD2016The Outcome from Azure Lumination relating to Unicellular Creatures located at Transcriptome LevelHalil Kavaklı
Ebru ÇetinMS2017Investigation with typically the Intracellular Hook 3 as well as Allosteric Mechnanisms for β2-Adrenergic Concerning G-protein Coupled ReceptorsBurak Erman
Artür ManukyanPhD2017Statistical Mastering along with Area Reel in DigraphsMine Çağlar


Tayfun ElmasPhD2010Techniques for the purpose of Runtime Supervising plus Static Verification about Concurrent SoftwareSerdar Taşıran, Shaz Qadeer
Burak GörkemliPhD2010Adaptation Plans for Scalable Training video StreamingMurat Tekalp
Alp BayrakçıPhD2010Fast as well as Genuine Record Timing Analysis with Online Circuits Designed for Timing Give Evaluation Based upon in Transistor Level SimulationsSerdar Taşıran, Alper Demir
Mehmet Ergün BiçiciPhD2011The Regression Product associated with Appliance TranslationDeniz Yüret
Ömer SubaşıMS2012Techniques pertaining to Making certain the company Transactional Systems in addition to LinearizabilitySerdar Taşıran
Onur VarolMS2012Modal study of Myosin II and also I .

d . of Functionally Crucial Sites

Deniz Yüret, Alkan Kabakçıoğlu
Yusuf SahillioğluPhD2012Algorithms regarding Still renders Isometric Pattern CorrespondenceYücel Sedef meral thesis ÖzkulMS2012Speech Operated Uper Body system Motion Evaluation and additionally SynthesisYücel Yemez
Ümit Might BekarMS2013Kuda: Speeding up Active Species Sensors employing Parallelism at any GPUSerdar Taşıran
Ertem EsinerMS2013FlexDPDP: Workable Dynamic Provable Data PossessionÖznur Özkasap,Alptekin Küpçü
Nabeel AkhtarMS2013Vechile Freedom, Conversation Chanel Modeling and also Visitors Occurrence Appraisal during VANETsÖznur Özkasap, Sinem Çöleri Ergen
Adilet KachkeevMS2013InterLocal: Honesty and also Reproduction Confirmed Locality-based Peer-to-Peer Safe-keeping SystemÖznur Özkasap,Alptekin Küpçü
Pelin AtıcıMS2013Automation from PRISM Criteria intended for Conjecture from Protein-Protein InteractionsAttila Gürsoy
İrem NizamoğluMS2013Epidemic Density Adaptive Info Dissemination Discovering Contrary Lane with VANETsÖznur Özkasap, Sinem Çöleri Ergen
Burak ÖzenMS2013A Quick Resource-Aware Procedure that will Design Recognizers with Layout IdentificationT.

Metin Sezgin

Erelcan YanıkMS2013Active Mastering intended for Design Identification as well as Working World LearningT. Metin Sezgin
Hassan Salehe MatarMS2013Detection for and additionally Treatment through Concurrency Errors Utilizing Transactional Memory space TechniquesSerdar Taşıran
Hüseyin GülerMS2013Energy Value Optimisation inside Sizeable Weighing machine Spread Units by Tool Portion TechniquesÖznur Özkasap
Seyhan UçarMS2013Multi–Hop Chaos and also Research document upon man made neural community examples Established Heterogeneous Construction just for VANETÖznur Özkasap, Sinem Çöleri Ergen
Hatice Billur Websit ArasPhD2013A Global STRUCTURAL PROTEIN-PROTEIN Relationship Community MODEL: Their Programs at Medicine Off-Target Prediction together with Genotype-Phenotype LinkageAttila Gürsoy, Özlem Keskin
Mehmet Ali YatbazPhD2014Linguistic Grouping Induction plus Tagging Sedef meral thesis a Paradigmatic Situation Representations together with Exchange WordsDeniz Yüret
Emre ÜnalMS2014A Vocabulary Visual images SystemDeniz Yüret
Atakan ArasanMS2014A Book Stylus Effective from Presenting Move along with Rotation EffectsT.

Metin Sezgin, Çağatay Başdoğan

Volkan CirikMS2014Analysis for SCODE Expression Embeddings Centered with Replacement Distributions with Supervised TasksDeniz Yüret
Handan KılıçMS2014Secure plus Good Maulti-Two Blowout Calculation plus Multi-Party Good ExchangeAlptekin Küpçü
Banuçiçek GürcüoğluMS2014Learning People’s Understanding connected with Messiness intended for Hand-drawn SketchesT.

Metin Sezgin

Özem KalayMS2014Detection about Acceptance Mistakes coming from Eyeball Gaze Patterns around Draw Popularity InterfacesT. Metin Sezgin
İsmail KuruMS2015Static Techniques regarding Taking a look at Correctness involving Software programs at Calm Recollection SystemsSerdar Taşıran
Deniz DemircioğluMS2015Performance plus Consistency Test of iMatch: A fabulous Structural Angle System Prototype with regard to Healthy proteins Holding Web-site – Area AlignmentAttila Gürsoy, Özlem Keskin
Bahadır Hikmet ŞahinMS2015Learning to be able to Show up with Not whole JudgementsDeniz Yüret, Emine Yılmaz
Erkut DemirhanMS2015A Package Stalling Method for Client-side System Targeted traffic to Help reduce 3G Modem Corresponding Electric power Disappearing languages dissertation help with Mobile or portable DevicesSerdar Taşıran
Shabbir MarzbanMS2015Affect Bursts Detection and also RecogntionYücel Yemez
Sinan TümenPhD2015A Specific Circumstance to get Cerebrovascular accident or cva Fragmentation and even Drawing RecognitionT.

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Metin Sezgin

Mohammad EtemadPhD2015Reliable Impair Storage devices choosing Hierarchical Authenticated Statistics StructuresAlptekin Küpçü
Alper BaşpınarMS2015PRISM 2.0: Optimizing and additionally Developing a new Web server intended for Structural Modeling associated with Necessary protein – Required protein InteractionsAttila Gürsoy
Osman BaşkayaMS2015Analysis associated with Situation Embedding during Concept Sensation InductionDeniz Yüret
Cemal Essay upon reponse that will crime Research on Structural Protein-Protein Partnership NetworksAttila Gürsoy
Cansu ŞenMS2016Semi-automatic Multimodal Cyberspace Content material Retargeting SystemT.

Metin Sezgin

Saman ZiaMS2016RGB-D Objective Popularity employing Serious Convolutional Sensory NetworksYücel Yemez
Kemal Tuğrul YeşilbekMS2016Sketch Reputation having Small amount of ExamplesT. Metin Sezgin
Şerike ÇakmakMS2016Clustering Free-Form Draw Moments throughout Perceptual SimilarityT. Metin Sezgin
Kenan KaşarcıMS2016Real-Time Speech Enticed Body language AnimationYücel Yemez, Sit Erzin
Ahsan AliMS2016Workload Managing through Spread Statistics Centers: Spatial in addition to Cold weather Interest intended for Electrical power EfficiencyÖznur Özkasap
Onur KuruMS2016Character-level TaggingDeniz Yüret
Erdal MutluPhD2016Race Recognition Procedures for the purpose of Software programs using Asynchronous Development ModelSerdar Taşıran
Burcu KülahçıoğluPhD2016Characterization and even Proof from Correctness Specifications intended for Event-Driven Asynchronous ProgramsSerdar Taşıran
Seyhan UcarPhD2017Visible Lighting Talking Assisted Guarantee clever introductions essays Efficient Buildings For Autonomous PlatoonÖznur Özkasap, Sinem Çöleri Ergen
Çağla ÇığPhD2017Intergrating Observation Gaze towards Pen-Based SystemsT.

Metin Sezgin

Ekrem Emre YurdakulMS2017Semantic Segmentation with RGBD Videos using Continuing Fully Convolutional Neural NetworksYücel Yemez
Pirah Noor SoomroMS2018A Framework to get Task Location upon Multicore ArchitecturesDidem Unat
Berkin GülerMS2018Load-Aware Folded Incremental Checkpointing with regard to Primary-Backup ReplicationÖznur Özkasap
Erenay DayanıkMS2018Morphological Adding not to mention Lemmatization with the help of Neural ComponentsDeniz Yüret
Hassan Salehe MatarPhD2018Runtime Run Discovery designed for Common Storage Development ModelsDidem Unat, Serdar Taşıran
Süha Orhun MutluergilPhD2018Verification with Concurrent Software by means of Accomplishment ProofsAttila Gürsoy, Constantin Enea
Ali Tuğrul BalcıMS2018Fast Tests Algorithms just for Protein Usc browser track record article sample Structural AlignmentsAttila Gürsoy, Özlem Keskin
Devriş İşlerMS2018Distributed Individual Private data ProtocolsAlptekin Küpcü
Mohammad LaghariMS2018Data Positioning for Heterogeneous Memory ArchitecturesDidem Unat
Muhammad Nufail FarooqiPhD2018Asynchronous Runtime to get AMR Software at Exascale SystemsDidem Unat
Waleed Bin QuaimMS2018Data Replication plus Assortment Assembly regarding Superior Info Availableness with IoT-based Sensor SystemsÖznur Özkasap
Emel KüpçüPhD2018Reliable 3 dimensional Appearance Reciprocal with Hard Stage Confuses Harnessed through Commodity Level CamerasYücel Yemez
Ömer KırnapMS2018Transition Depending Addiction Parsing Together with Deep LearningDeniz Yüret


Mehmet Emre YavuzMS2003Development from a particular economical electromagnetic simulation protocol regarding planar geometries using multiple directory conductorsİrşadi Aksun
Alper KanakMS2003Multimodal wedding speaker personality by using audio-video processingEngin Erzin, Murat Tekalp, Yücel Yemez
Ali EkşimMS2004Spectrally useful wifi box statistics sign intended for multi media expertise provisioningOğuz Sunay
Can KızılkaleMS2004Fast impaired equalization employing subgradient-based algorithmsAlper Erdoğan
Çağlar AtamanMS2004Design, modeling and portrayal about electrostatically actuated microscannersHakan Ürey
Ferit Ozan AkgülMS2004Statistical QOS guarantees to get instant supply files and even integration systems for the purpose of 3G/WLANOğuz Sunay
Mustafa May well FilibeliMS2005Embedded internet server based upon dwelling kitchen appliance networksMehmet Reha Civanlar, Öznur Özkasap
Ali Selim AytunaMS2005A High-performance algorithm meant for electronic conjecture regarding protein-protein interactionsAttila Gürsoy, Özlem Keskin
Umut KüçükkabakMS2005Design as well as addition involving reciprocal appliance just for period of time and additionally floating-point arithmeticAhmet Akkaş
Alper Tolga KocataşMS2005Integrating gene expression, aminoacids communication together with peptids url data towards make improvements to gene concept clusteringAttila Gürsoy
Hasan Ertan ÇetingülMS2005Discrimination exploration about lip movement options for the purpose of multimodal wedding speaker sedef meral thesis together with speech-readingMurat Tekalp, Engin Erzin
Tahir ÇelebiMS2005Design together with addition for your innovative expert to peer process to help you multipoint videoconferencingMehmet Reha Civanlar, Öznur Özkasap
Ömer Ozan SönmezMS2005A Story booking type to get computational grid overall economy systemsAttila Gürsoy
Hamdi TorunMS2005Design along with manufacturing associated with thermo-mechanical thermal detector arrays having optical readoutHakan Ürey
Emrah AkyolMS2005Adaptive scalable thesis concerning infirmary got infections codingMurat Tekalp, Mehmet Reha Civanlar
Can Brandon WetherıltMS2005A Volumetric blend technique to get surface renovation as a result of silhouttes and also optical triangulationYücel Yemez
Başak MutlumMS2005World awareness disambiguation centered concerning impression similarity in addition to syntactic contextDeniz Yüret
Tayyar ÖnalMS2005Development connected with a rigorus and even productive electromagnetic simulation algorithm to get 3-D branded structures on multilayer environmentİrşadi Aksun
Ulaş BağcıMS2005Boosting classifiers pertaining to semi-automatic or fully automatic songs genre classificationEngin Erzin
Olgaç ErgenemanMS2005Design in addition to fabrication with plastic magnets actuators regarding scanningHakan Ürey
Tayfun ElmasMS2005Runtime taking a look at about processing meant for concurrent software program componentsSerdar Taşıran
Zülküf GençMS2006Epidemic-based good and adaptive multicast designed for cell advert hoc networksÖznur Özkasap
Utkan ÖğmenMS2006PRISM: Some strategy designed for issue, visual images ans test with proteins intrfaces as well as ones own networksAttila Gürsoy, Özlem Keskin
Yusuf SahillioğluMS2006A Floor deformation platform regarding A model in 3d pattern recoveryYücel Yemez
Mehmet Emre SargınMS2006Audio-visual connection modeling regarding wedding speaker recognition not to mention synthesisMurat Tekalp, Sit Erzin, Yücel Yemez
Selen PehlivanMS2006End-to-end stereoscopic online video media surging systemMehmet Reha Civanlar
Soner YaldızMS2006Stochastic software programs models pertaining to power gillham 2000 event learn research paper in multicore systemsMehmet Reha Civanlar, Alper Demir, Serdar Taşıran
Bengi MizrahiMS2006Paraphrase removal as a result of parallel media corporaDeniz Yüret
Engin KurutepeMS2006Client-driven streaming with multi-view movies pertaining to interactive 3DTVMurat Tekalp
Emine Pınar KarabulutMS2006Study involving planar stratified buildings in the area as well as tonelli shanks protocol beispiel essay novel apps : chirped magnifying mirrors and also photonic crystalsİrşadi Aksun
Ahmet Ata AkatayMS2006Beam steerage applying microlens arraysHakan Ürey
Erhan YılmazMS2006An info theoretic examine regarding spatial range ways just for wi-fi exchange networksOğuz Sunay
Turgut Mustafa ÖktemMS2006A decreased the demographics adaptive shape meant for the particular pace and effectiveness development from PMD confined fabric optic communication systemsAlper Erdoğan
Aytunç İşsevenMS2007Dual-mode quadruple finely-detailed floating-point dvision along with square-root uniteAhmet Akkaş
İstemi Ekin AkkuşMS2007Peer-to-peer multipoint online video media my favorite performance cricket article inside urdu working with layered videoMehmet Reha Civanlar, Öznur Özkasap
Erhan BaşMS2007Road and even potential customers analysis because of videoMurat Tekalp
Mehmet Erkan KeremoğluMS2007The spot frames policy cover metric pertaining to evaluating regarding contingency programsSerdar Taşıran
Emre AtsanMS2007A scalable & reactive duplication system just for cell ad-hoc networksÖznur Özkasap
Mehmet Ali YatbazMS2007Stretch: some function weighting approach intended for a e adjacent next-doors algorithmsDeniz Yüret
Emre GüneyMS2007Large range depiction in meat interactions: detection sedef meral thesis scorching locations and additionally spatial motifs for protein-protein interfacesAttila Gürsoy
Tuğba ÖzbilginMS2008Performance test associated with person cohesiveness for instant peer-to-peer networksOğuz Sunay
Serhan Ömer IşıkmanMS2008Electromagnetically actuated optical micro-mechatronic units bundled concerning PCBHakan Ürey
Ahmet Sit UralMS2008Evolution from compositionality utilizing the container for words and phrases syntaxDeniz Yüret
Tenzile Berkin AbanozMS2008Optimal selection of coding sedef meral thesis regarding scalable plus a number of profile video clip codingMurat Tekalp
Murat SayıntaMS20083D Present strategy implementing deciphering Brought about variety modulesHakan Ürey
Aytaç AlparslanMS2008Study connected with green’s options connected with possibilities and additionally farms within layered media prepared connected with left-handed in addition to right-handed materialsİrşadi Aksun
Muhammed Sedef meral thesis ToyMS2008Optical readout meant for infrared thermo-mechanical detector arrayHakan Ürey
Cihat Göktuğ GürlerMS2008An open-standards founded server-client device for refined surging of multi-eiew information across typically the ınternetMurat Tekalp
Önder ŞuvakMS2008Theory forensic homework paper mathematical systems meant for any exploration involving key subjects within romeo and juliet together with vapor oscillatorsAlper Demir
Volkan DedeoğluMS2008The influence from siphon say details in mobile pass on networksOğuz Sunay
Aslıhan ArslanMS2008Mems scanners actuated together with kinetic coupling and even brush drivesHakan Ürey
Salih Cihan BilirMS2009Surface traffic monitoring with multiview videoYücel Yemez
Mehmet Cengiz UlubaşMS2009Critical test connected with protein-protein relationships directories and qualities in opposition to conjecture regarding interactionsAttila Gürsoy
Yasemin DemirMS2009Music-Driven boogie synthesis by way of multimodal night effectiveness analysisEngin Erzin
Arif Sit ÇetinMS2009Non-local outcomes relating to spot plasmon concept as well as ones own innovative job applications : Nano-Scale plasmonic structuresÖzgür Müstecaplıoğlu
Emre İskenderMS2009Effect connected with Overlay Topology about Peer-to-Peer Details Dissemination in addition to Buffer ManagementÖznur Özkasap
Hüseyin Rahmi SerenMS2009Mems fourier sedef meral thesis spectrometer implementing lamellar gratingHakan Ürey
Mehmet AkgülMS2009Noise researching within wdm optical linens communication systemsAlper Demir
Görkem SaygılıMS2010Optimization of Asymmetric Stero Videos Coding together with StreamingMurat Tekalp
Erdem ErdenMS2010Laser Encoding Dependent Austostereoscopic A 3d model DisplayHakan Ürey
Yasin YılmazMS2010New Adaptive Algorithms pertaining to Linear Blocking together with Nonlinear PredictionSerdar Kozat
Elif BozkurtMS2010Formant Job structured Weighted Spectral Elements to get Impulsive Feelings RecognitionEngin Erzin
Sertan Kutal GökçeMS2010Electrostatic Mems Actuators With regard to Endoscopic Image resolution in addition to Higher Conclusion DisplaysHakan Ürey
Emre ÖztürkMS2010Driver Popularity Similarity shape Driving a motor vehicle Routine SignalsEngin Erzin
Aref MostafazadehMS2010Pulse Electricity Optimization in Adjustable – move Tooth cavity Mode-Locked LasersAlphan Sennaroğlu
Özgün GençMS2010Depth-Guided Super-Resolution compare distinction gilgamesh as well as beowulf essay 3d VideoMurat Tekalp
Özgür Salih ÖğüzMS2010A Settlements Device regarding Affective Visuo-Haptic Contact Concerning a fabulous Human being Agent as well as an important MachineT.

Metin Sezgin, Çağatay Başdoğan

Emrah ÇemMS2010Discovery in Recurrent Solution Fixed with Peer-to-Peer NetworksÖznur Özkasap
Emre KalafatlarMS20103D Articulated Figure Segmentation By using Motions InformationYücel Yemez
Nargız KalantarovaMS2011Approaches Meant for Robust Linear together with Nonlinear Turbo EqualizationSerdar Kozat
Nuray DindarMS2011Dynamic Drive Expected to make sure you Cousin Steps for Haptic VideoMurat Tekalp
Altynbek IsabekovMS2011Adaptive Diffusion LMS StrategiesSerdar Kozat
Saadet Sedef SavaşMS2011QoE Alert Multi-view Online video Transmission about P2P NetworksMurat Tekalp
Ahmet Gökçen MahmutoğluMS2012Emulation with PMD: Infantile libido freud Varieties as well as RandomAlper Erdoğan, Alper Demir


Tanır ÖzçelebiPhD2006Multiple ambition seo regarding online video streamingMurat Tekalp
Hamit KalaycıoğluPhD2008Development along with characterization from progressed mid-infrared stable state lasersAlphan Sennaroğlu
Çağlar AtamanPhD2008Mems scanning devices intended for spectroscopy and even lazer encoding systemsHakan Ürey
Çağdaş AtıcıPhD2009On sedef meral thesis connected with instant media broadcastingOğuz Sunay
Ferda OfliPhD2010Audovısıual Analysıs Just for Learnıng And even Synthesıs Regarding Dancing Articles connected with confederation style with government Tekalp, Yücel Yemez
Can YağlıMS2010Artificial Bandwith Expansion about Speech Utilising Temporal ClusteringEngin Erzin
Onur FerhanoğluPhD2011Design, Manufacturing and also Portrayal for a MOEMS based mostly Cold weather Imaging SystemHakan Ürey
Barış AtakanPhD2011Bio-inspired Talking Practices and also Ways meant for Next-Generation NetworksÖzgür Barış Akan
Burhan GülbaharPhD2012Nanoscale Cell Opical Comunication Receivers with Graphene in addition to As well as NanotubeÖzgür Barış Akan
Emine Pınar KarabulutPhD2012Optical Depiction from 2nd Materials along with Dielectric Nano-Structures with MoM-İrşadi Aksun
Nadire Pelin AyerdenMS2012Lamellar Grating Interferometer Based upon MEMS Fourier Change InfraredHakan Ürey
Damla KılıçarslanMS2012Energy-Efficient together with High-Performence Parallel Online video media Decoding TechniquesMurat Tekalp
Celalettin Ümit BaşMS2012Ultra-Wideband Direct Unit meant for Intra-vehicular Instant Sensor NetworksSinem Çöleri Ergen
Sait TunçMS2012Optimal Selection Investment decision Less than Financial transaction CostsSerdar Kozat
Ahmet Ozan BiçenMS2012Spectrum-aware together with Solid Handed out Sensing throughout Cognitive Radio station NetworksÖzgür Barış Akan
Hilmi Enes EğilmezMS2012Adaptive Video Internet streaming above OpenFlow Cpa affiliate networks through Excellent of ServiceMurat Tekalp
Refik Burak ErarslanMS2012Design, Manufacturing not to mention Characterization involving a fabulous Thermo-Mechanical Infrared Detector Collection having Built-in Optical ReadoutHakan Ürey
Utku BaranMS2012Electrostatic and additionally Piezoelectric MEMS Shield Expansion meant for Beam of light DisplaysHakan Ürey
Murat KocaoğluMS2012Minimum Strength Sales channel and even Multilevel Html coding through Products through Nanoscale CommunicationÖzgür Barış Akan
Kadir Tolga BağcıMS2012Adaptive Picture Streaming above Peer-to-Peer NetworksMurat Tekalp
Yalçın ŞadiMS2012Optimal Strength Command, Cost Adapting to it and even Arrangement meant for UWB-Based Intra-Vehicular Wi-fi Sensor NetworksSinem Çöleri Ergen
İhsan Ozan YıldırımMS2013EM-Simulations for Great Networks by using as well as lacking Antennas: Radar Cross punch Area, Antenna Patternsi Common Coupling and additionally Antenna Place not to mention Radiation Hazardİrşadi Aksun
Derya MalakMS2013Intra-Body Molecular Communications: A fabulous Theoretical Review concerning Synaptic Multiple-Access ChannelÖzgür Barış Akan
Cihat Göktuğ GürlerPhD2013Adaptive P2P Streaming along with Application form so that you can Multi-view VideoMurat Tekalp
Mehmet Ali DönmezMS2013Steady Talk about not to mention Transient MSE Explanations regarding Adaptive Collaboration MethodsAlper Erdoğan, Serdar Kozat
Önder ŞuvakPhD2013Phase Designs and also Calculations pertaining to OscillatorsAlper Demir
Deniz KılınçMS2013Information as well as Contact Theoretical Modeling, Pattern, plus Evaluation associated with Heterogeneous Nanoscale Interaction ChannelsÖzgür Barış Akan
Mehmet Kıvanç HediliMS2013Transparent not to mention Joomla article web page list Achieve Monitors Established on Microlens Arrays intended for Projection DisplaysHakan Ürey
Bige Deniz ÜnlütürkMS2013An Info Theoretical Examine on Nanoscale Interaction Pipes along with Molecule DiversityÖzgür Barış Akan
Mehmet Ali Tuğtekin TuranMS2013Enhancement with Tonsils Microphone Recordings utilising GMM Probabilistic EstimatorsEngin Erzin
Murat KuçcuMS2013Nanoscale Devices Dependent upon Förster Resonance Energy Exchange (FRET)Özgür Barış Akan
Mustafa ÖzgerMS2013Clustering, Network Coding along with Insurance Maximization on Cognitive The airwaves Sensor NetworksÖzgür Barış Akan
Ersen BeyatlıPhD2014Development in Energy Efficient Tunable Solid-State Lasers by using Minimal Vitality ConsumptionAlphan Sennaroğlu
Çağlar KocaMS2014Quantum Interaction Situations in Safe-keeping along with PriorityÖzgür Barış Akan
Hüseyin Atahan İnanMS2014An Algorithmic Platform intended for Fast as well as Convolutive Bounded Portion AnalysisAlper Erdoğan
Kaan AkşitPhD2014Next Age bracket A 3d model Monitor Job applications utilizing Laser beam Encoding Pico ProjectorsHakan Ürey
Başarbatu CanMS2014Optical Sensor Model and additionally Enhancement pertaining to Personality for Bodily fluids Making use of NanotagsHakan Ürey
Gül Seda ÜnalPhD2014Bridging that Gap around Optical and additionally RF Antennas: A great Optical Garden Antenna Type influenced by RF Cavity Modelİrşadi Aksun
Orkhan BadirkhanlıMS2014RESCUE: Unaggressive Wi-fi Sensor Community Structure to get Earthquake Shelter ApplicationÖzgür Barış Akan
Utku DemirMS2014Engine Vehicle and even Beneath it any Chassis UWB Approach Style regarding Intra-Vehicular Wi-fi Sensor NetworksSinem Çöleri Ergen
Mehmet KontikMS2014Scheduling on Mobile Sites with the help of SIC CapabilitySinem Çöleri Ergen
Baki Berkay YılmazMS2015Compressed Coaching Adaptive EqualizationAlper Erdoğan
Aziz KaraşahinMS2015Modeling of Incorporated Antennas meant for Valuable Coupling to be able to Plasmonic WaveguidesŞükrü Ekin Kocabaş
Ahmet Gökçen MahmutoğluPhD2015Modeling and also Study about Nonstationary Low-Frequency Music through Routine SimulationAlper Demir
Kardelen ÇepniMS2015Wireless Ethnical Sensor NetworksÖzgür Barış Akan
Özgür ErgülPhD2015Cognitive Talking Methods designed for Next-generation Heterogeneous NetworksÖzgür Barış Akan
Bakhtiyar FarayevMS2015Energy Efficient Tougher Appointment setting in Periodic Sensor Packets pertaining to Individually distinct Quote founded Wi-fi Networked Deal with SystemsSinem Çöleri Ergen
Salih KapıcıoğluMS2015Survey with Modeling and also Lessening Techniques with regard to Minimal Volume Sounds within MOSFET CircuitsAlper Demir
Mehmet Efruz KarabulutMS2015An Disturbance Splitting up Approach to get Interaction Receivers along with Solitary AntennaAlper Erdoğan
Anique AkhtarMS2015Directional Apple pc Standard protocol for the purpose of IEEE 802.11ad WLANsSinem Çöleri Ergen
Yalçın ŞadiPhD2015Optimal Source Part designed for Holdup labor procedure essay Energy source Little Cell NetworksSinem Çöleri Ergen
Osman EldeşMS2016Autostereoscopic Projection Present employing Spinning ScreenHakan Ürey
Ergin DinçPhD2016Beyond-Line-of-Sight Sales and marketing communications not to mention Systems by using Troposcatter and also Atmospheric DuctsÖzgür Barış Akan
Yusuf Samet YaraşMS2016A Compact Continue Coagulation Point in time Rank Console with Fiber-Optic Centered Throw away CartridgeHakan Ürey
Deniz MengüMS2016Fast Higher Superior Speckle-Free Period Personal pc Provided Holographic Snapshot ProjectionHakan Ürey
Adeel AfridiMS2016Design along with Test of Plasmonic Nanoantennas having Ground Planes not to mention Impedance MatchingŞükrü Ekin Kocabaş
Arif Sedef meral thesis about Resonance Visitor and even Optical Readout Methods regarding MEMS Sensor ArraysHakan Ürey
Rustamzhon MelikovMS2016Protein Automated Light-Emitting DiodesSedat Nizamoğlu
Elif BozkurtPhD2016Multimodal Studies as well as Synthesis associated with Affective Person's Body system Motions by Talk ProsodyEngin Erzin
Sinan KeçeciMS2016Multimodal Study with typically the JESTKOD data store regarding Affective Dyadic InteractionsEngin Erzin
Ulaş AdiyanPhD2016Optical Readout Options with regard to MEMS Cantilever Structured SensorsHakan Ürey
Hazal ErMS2016Compact Coherent Backlight Illuminator regarding Large Field-of-view Nearby to Perspective DisplaysHakan Ürey
Recep GülMS2016QoS Minimal Semi-Persistent Preparation regarding Machines Model Sales and marketing communications on Cellular phone NetworksSinem Çöleri Ergen
Sasan Asadi AbadiMS2017Vocal Pathway Contour Following to get Real-time Language MRI By using the Contour Design PriorEngin Erzin

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